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8 Facts about My Character
So I was tagged by :iconXetaJTS: to submit 8 facts about my character. There are a few rules that I need to post before I can start.
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them
So now, here's 8 facts about my character, Tad the Delphox.
1. While he doesn't show it, Tad actually has ADHD, but he keeps it under control so no one knows. In some cases, he lets his ADHD show, but those aren't very common.
2. If he ever lost his wand, Tad would use a sword as a weapon.
3. Of all the foods in the world, Tad loves steak the best.
4. Whenever he's bored, he jokes that he has "a deadly disease that he'll die from if not cured".
5. As much as he says it, Tad doesn't hate Cameron. He really hopes that he can one day convince his brother to turn over a new leaf and be a good person.
6. Tad's favorite
:iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 2 7
New Pokemon Game Idea by Thunderus-the-Wolf New Pokemon Game Idea :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 3 4 You Sure Don't Look Sad by Thunderus-the-Wolf You Sure Don't Look Sad :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 1 0
The Last Spiritshifter: Chapter 7
Wake up….

I sat up in bed, rubbing my eyes to get the sleep out of them. I turned my head and began to look around the room. Pedro and Seamus were sleeping in their own beds next to the one I was sleeping in, and Lucca and Torahiko were sleeping at their feet. I took my hand out from under the bed covers and grabbed my lantern from the bedside table. Twisting the knob, I turned it on just enough so I could hold it up above my head and look at the small clock that was handing on the wall.
2:00 a.m.
It had been a few hours since Pedro and I had seen Seamus’ skill with a bow and invited him to join us on our quest. He gladly accepted, and the three of us left the small town of Janston and began to make our way to next city: Porre, the city on the shores of the Crystal Lake. We’d started to make our way there, but we decided to rest in a roadside inn for the night, and that’s where we currently wer
:iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 1 1
Poke-Paradise: The St. Tobias Rescues: Chapter 6
Poke-Paradise: The St. Tobias Rescues
Pokemon TF/AR series
Chapter 6: Life’s like the Big Screen
By: Wolf-Prince-Leon and Thunderus-the-Wolf
Special Guest: ReadyUnknownFox
It was a rather gentle day in Poke-Paradise. Several clouds to filter the sun into a gentle shine. The wind blew calmly, no force or chill at all. With every small gust of wind, the grass would sway with it. This was the perfect day to let the cubs play.
A mother Ursaring was tending to her baby teddiursa boy. “There, clean and dry, Sam,” She said, finishing with a new diaper on him. Does this new brand itch at all?”
“No, not at aww!” the Teddiursa said, smiling. “They’we so comfy!”
“Easy there, little toddler,” She calmed him. “You don’t want to wet them just after you got them. Do you?”
“No mommy,” he said. “Cwothes, pwease?”
:iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 5 2
Map of Arcenia (Read Description!) by Thunderus-the-Wolf Map of Arcenia (Read Description!) :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 0 3
Fire of the Delphox (REMASTERED): Chapter 1
I felt someone pull a hand out from under my head, and before I could react, I felt my face smack against the desk with a “THUD!” The chorus of laughter then filled my ears as I pulled my face up from my desk. I rubbed my eyes to get the sleep out of them, and I was greeted to my teacher looming over me with a stern look on his face. His fierce eyes seemed to pierce my very being.
“How many times have I told you: DON’T SLEEP IN MY CLASS!”
“Sorry Mr. Harper,” I said ashamed.
“If I catch you sleeping in class again, I’m giving you a detention!” he said angrily. He turned around and walked back towards the front of the room. “Now, as I was saying, to find the value of X, we must…” I was listening as well as I could, but my attention was turned from the teacher to the boy next to me as he whispered my name.
“Tad, what was that all a
:iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 6 9
Tad the Delphox by Thunderus-the-Wolf Tad the Delphox :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 6 14 Yellow Diamond's Triggered by Thunderus-the-Wolf Yellow Diamond's Triggered :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 4 4 Baby Bunny (Nibbles) by Thunderus-the-Wolf Baby Bunny (Nibbles) :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 5 8 HOW IS THIS BAD?! by Thunderus-the-Wolf HOW IS THIS BAD?! :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 1 12 YouTube is Broken by Thunderus-the-Wolf YouTube is Broken :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 2 1 Original Legend of Zelda Mangas+Twilight Princess by Thunderus-the-Wolf Original Legend of Zelda Mangas+Twilight Princess :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 0 2 Delphox Sketch by Thunderus-the-Wolf Delphox Sketch :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 4 4
Decending into Madness: Chapter 5
This was all starting to become too much for me to take.
The school day was beginning to drive me insane. All of these teachers were teaching their classes and talking over and over about the greatness of these strange Pokemon that I’d never heard about. Every class I went to felt like an attempt to brainwash me into believing everything the teachers were saying. It appeared to be working on all the other students.
They’ll have to try harder if they want to get to me. As soon as the bell rang, I was ready to sprint to the door and get the hell out of here. I jumped out from my desk and almost sprinted to the door of the classroom. I didn’t hear if anyone was trying to stop me, and if they were, I didn’t care at all. I sprinted out of the school building and into the dorm building, ran up the stairs to get to the floor my room was on, and ran down the hallway to get to my dorm room. Unlocking the door, I rushed inside and ran into my room, slamming
:iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 0 5
Litten Road?! by Thunderus-the-Wolf Litten Road?! :iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 0 2


Grappling Hook! by TC-96 Grappling Hook! :icontc-96:TC-96 1,605 263 (NITW) We Just Wanna Die Anywhere Else!!! by b1uewhirlwind (NITW) We Just Wanna Die Anywhere Else!!! :iconb1uewhirlwind:b1uewhirlwind 18 2 Ode to the Flames by OcarinaLin Ode to the Flames :iconocarinalin:OcarinaLin 22 10 Gregg NITW: My Style by b1uewhirlwind Gregg NITW: My Style :iconb1uewhirlwind:b1uewhirlwind 29 7 Aftermath- Bag by FezMangaka Aftermath- Bag :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 152 56 Shut Eye - ANIMATIC! by Skailla Shut Eye - ANIMATIC! :iconskailla:Skailla 958 98 UT: Asriel with the human souls. by xGGlitch UT: Asriel with the human souls. :iconxgglitch:xGGlitch 120 18 Friendly Lucario by LucarioTrainerJ Friendly Lucario :iconlucariotrainerj:LucarioTrainerJ 8 3 Don't Be This Guy by LucarioTrainerJ Don't Be This Guy :iconlucariotrainerj:LucarioTrainerJ 1 1 Pokemon Hikario Journey - Hope: Chapter One by Wolf-Prince-Leon Pokemon Hikario Journey - Hope: Chapter One :iconwolf-prince-leon:Wolf-Prince-Leon 8 28 Sassy Braixen by DragonSkator Sassy Braixen :icondragonskator:DragonSkator 76 8 Braixen Animation WIP by DragonSkator Braixen Animation WIP :icondragonskator:DragonSkator 8 5 NITW My Style by b1uewhirlwind NITW My Style :iconb1uewhirlwind:b1uewhirlwind 47 3 Glitchtale - Love Part I by TC-96 Glitchtale - Love Part I :icontc-96:TC-96 1,951 585 Hardcore training ! by Clemi1806 Hardcore training ! :iconclemi1806:Clemi1806 42 20 Princess Zelda Breath of the Wild. by 9029561 Princess Zelda Breath of the Wild. :icon9029561:9029561 10 2


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The sleep in the hotel was nice. Now we're gonna have breakfast and sit on a bus for 3 hours.
Greetings from the beautiful country of Costa Rica!
Boarding the plane now. It's much bigger than the last one. This one's even got TVs with in-flight movies! Let's pray that the movie is a good one.
Just touched down in Miami. Next stop: San José!
Today's the big day! At 1:00 EST, Im flying to Costa Rica!
So today, Scott Cawthon released two teasers for the next book, The Twisted Ones, and...the next game...

Lets talk about the book, cause I'm getting that! So, Scott had someone do designs of the animatronics from the book, so let's check them out! I mean, they can't be worse than FNAF 4, right? Right?

Umm...hi there....You look...fucked up...

So this is Twisted Freddy apparently. He is 100% called this because the image is named "Twisted_Freddy.jpg". Let's check out the next one, shall we?

HOLY SHIT?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! BURN IT! BURN TO THE GROUND YOU SPAWN OF SATAN! I assume this is Twisted Bonnie, because...well...yeah...

So I assume the next one will be Foxy or Chica or Springtrap or... that...a wolf?

My prayers were answered....YES! THANK YOU SCOTT CAWTHON! FINALLY WE GET A WOLF ANIMATRONIC WHO LOOKS FREAKING AWESOME! If this is what he looks like in his Twisted form, what does he look like normally?

So, this guy doesn't have a name. The image is called "Twisted_208476.jpg", so that doesn't help at all.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to show you guys. Now, I'm gonna bleach my brain, cause Twisted Bonnie is fucked up as all hell...
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